Not too long after I learned how to tie flies – about 2008 –   I was very determined to explore other different styles  and was facinated by the beauty of the classic salmon flies.

At that time, I was not really connected with other fly fishers and fly tyers on facebook.  Most of my networking was taking place in the online Fly Fishing forums.  It was here that I “met”  Mr  Ronn Lucas Sr.

Mr Lucas was kind enough to take me under his wings and very, very patiently guided me in the art of tying Atlantic Salmon Flies.  On his website Ron Lucass Sr & Friends,  he has posted  Lessons 1 to 7  to follow – each teaching you the basics you need to learn before moving on to the next step — forget the next lesson!  Each step of the fly needed approval before I was allowed to move on.

The very first lesson was tying in the floss.  I would start the fly, tie in the floss, wrap the hook,  then STOP.  TAKE PHOTO.  Then,  SEND to Ronn for close inspection.   And I mean, CLOSE.  DSCF0864

The floss had to have no bumps, and straight reflection across the floss.  I must have polished it with a smooth stone at least a zillion strokes. – I’m surprised it did not catch on fire.   And  I must have done at least a dozen do-overs before he let me move on to the next step.

And, in the next step, the ribbing had to be perfect….

How are those ribs?

I pretty much spent most of the summer tying under the guidance of Ronn.  And my ex-husband, would become so frustrated with me.

“I can’t fish with those flies!” , he would say.   HA!

I did not have the chance to complete all of the lessons – but was able to pass the first three.

This was also how I “met” Rocky Maley – a truely talented Salmon Fly Tyer.  He was kind enough to send me all the materials and hooks needed for each lesson!  I was so thrilled to see him last month at the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo as a fellow demonstration fly tyer.

Anyone familiar with my flies know that I do not tie Salmon flies, but I feel these lessons were invaluable.

I feel it made me a better tyer.  I make sure each wrap counts, that my fly has a smooth underbody, and the ribs look even.   And although the trouts  certainly don’t care if I have a few bumps in my wrap, or if the ribbing was off….I see fly tying as an art form.

My Art.

Rusty Rat by MKFlies

Silver Monkey by MKFlies

Strip Wing Salmon by MKFlies