Aileen Lane

Aileen Lane
Aileen LaneFly Fisher

Who Am I?

I’m an LA girl tying flies & fly fishing in Idaho. This page is dedicated to Rich Schaaff, who opened my eyes to the beauty that surrounds me.
I learned how to tie flies before ever wetting a line – fly fishing is my passion, my form of meditation. Each order is custom-tied. Please contact me for availability and price.

Owner / Publisher of Kype Magazine; Pro Staff Tyer: Deer Creek; Ambassador: American Museum of Fly Fishing

The Things I Do

I am the new publisher for Kype Magazine – a fly fishing magazine. You may view all the current and past issues at – Kype Magazine (
I learned how to tie flies in 2007 before I casted my first rod.
I’m a city girl from Los Angeles and recently moved back to Idaho in 2012. It hasn’t been easy leaving behind my close friends and family. But I discovered how healing the river can be – it is my form of meditation. It’ funny how you can be in a room full of people and feel so alone, let be alone on the river and feel so complete. Meeting these women has really made my transition back here so much smoother.

I learned how to tie flies in 2007 before I casted my first rod. I have a FB Page called MKFlies as well as a website if you would like to check out my flies.

I just started learning how to fly fish and I feel so blessed to find other ladies who share the same passion. When I first entered the world of fly fishing – it was, and still is, dominated by men.